PROTECT Projector EnclosurePROTECT

Available models:
● PROTECT Slim – capacity 15kg, extension 0cm
● PROTECT 54-80 – capacity 15kg, extension 54-80cm
● PROTECT 72-116 – capacity 15kg, extension 72-116cm


PROTECT – installation manual

Universal projector housing for operation in difficult conditions (i.e. dusty environment) key lockable. Options: according to specific operation and conditions and individual inquiries


Advantages: housing for DLP/LCD projector for installation in dusty environment; active ventilation system; exchangeable air filter to ensure the best performance; smoothly adjustable arm or direct installation. Options: according to specific work conditions on individual request.

Functionality: adjustable mounting arm for easy projector installation, 230V fan system; exchangeable air filter; fits for multiple projector brands and types.

PROTECT Projector Enclosure