We create Home Cinema from your dreams.

Your Home Cinema is more than a few items put together.

A real cinema is the result of attention to every detail.

Choose the best audio and video equipment for your Home Cinema and feast your eyes and ears on the excellent quality of sound and picture. Discover the pleasure of creating your own cinema by letting experts turn your dreams and expectations into reality.

Choose the best projection surface and the frame colour of your TENSION Prestige screen.



A projector rising for the watching time?
The SLIM Lift can do that! The right layout of the speakers will let enjoy the sound surround effect.
Or perhaps you want a plasma TV? Grab your remote and let your dream flat-screen TV rise from a cabinet.
The F-Lift lets you conceal your plasma TV in any item of furniture to accentuate the original design and style of your interior.
Create your dream cinema and enjoy every moment with your friends and family!