HEAVY DUTY iDock – iPad docking station

HEAVY DUTY iDock – wall-mounted iPad frame docking station ready for commercial installations BMS and intelligent home system. This device is dedicated to commercial applications eg in hotels, conference rooms and public interiors. The special feature of this device is protected access and card-secured opening system.

HEAVY DUTY iDock – card PDF

Easy installation: Mounted in a wall opening in hotizontal or vertical position, only the painted front of the housing remains visible on the wall surface. Frame is available in white and black colours to match the iPad colour. RAL palette is your choice to select custom color.

Power: Your iPad can be powered by the original Apple cable, never running out of battery. A Lightning Connector cable is included.

Applications: Designed for commercial and business AV and BMS installations, hotel rooms and spaces for rent. Can be integrated in business and commercial environment. A perfect solution for all Central Control System and Presentation Systems.

Ease of use: Only Security Card can open HEAVY DUTY iDock. For other users HEAVY DUTY iDock is blocked to remove the iPad. The controlled access system allows the station to be opened only to the person who has a dedicated access card programmed to each docking station. 3 pcs of security cards are as a standard (optionally there may be more cards).