ART Lift


lifts for plasma and LCDART-LIFT

Available models:
● ART-LIFT S – capacity 27kg, extension 54cm
● ART-LIFT M – capacity 27kg, extension 68cm
● ART-LIFT HD L – capacity 40kg, extension 82cm
● ART-LIFT HD XL – capacity 40kg, extension 110cm

ZIP mount – card PDF
ART-LIFT – installation manual

Advantages of the lift: the minimum height of the lift allows the projector to be installed together with the lift in an 8 cm space above the ceiling.

Functionality: elegance and free space in the interior; ease of use; accurate positioning and settings; adjustable limit switches; Somfy drive; control options: IR and RF remote control, Trigger and RS232.

Ceiling lift for projectors with an excepetionally a small height – only 1.6 cm when closed. Chosen for many AV setups in conference rooms. The projector simply descends from the ceiling for the presentation time.

tv lift

Advantages of lift: product range from 37″-85″ Flat Panel TV. Decorative front panel, painting, mirror, moves to hide or reveal your LCD TV or video conferencing system mounted in a niche.

Functionality: invisible mechanism (hidden behind a cove); adjustable range of motion; Somfy motor; easy installation.

Control options : IR remote, RF remote, Trigger, SmartHome/Home automation Control Systems.

ART- LIFT mechanism dedicated for original residence project and special arrangement. Silent and steady work and high capacity up to 40 kg.

tv lift

tv lift

tv lift