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Available models:
● SPAVMAX 30/420 – capacity 30kg, extension 42cm
● SPAVMAX 30/780 – capacity 30kg, extension 78cm
● SPAVMAX 30/1560 – capacity 30kg, extension 156cm
● SPAVMAX 30/1960 – capacity 30kg, extension 196cm
● SPAVMAX 30/2800 – capacity 30kg, extension 280cm
● SPAVMAX 30/3500 – capacity 30kg, extension 350cm
● SPAVMAX 30/4200 – capacity 30kg, extension 420cm


projector lifts

SPAV 30 – card PDF
SPAV 30 – installation manual

Professional and most popular models of projector lifts. A stable lift construction and precision allows SPAV to be installed in areas that see intensive use (halls, hotels and museums).


Advantages of the lift: lifting capacity for a projector weighing up to 30 kg and a range of movement from 42 cm to 420 cm make it possible to choose the best lift model for any important AV project.

Functionality: solid construction; mechanical limit switches; precision; low noise; Somfy drive; control options: IR and RF remote control, Trigger and RS232.


projector lifts

Let your projector move down from below the ceiling. Turn your living room into a real cinema with the SPAV 30 designed to let you bring the projector down from below the ceiling. SPAV 30 has been designed with attention to every detail to give you a solution with unique possibilities. The SPAV 30 made by VIZ-ART will let you enjoy the purity of your interior, with no cables or audio and video equipment visible. The SPAV 30 is designed for installing a projector in a comfortable home cinema, in rooms with high walls and wherever you wish to keep the style and open space of your interior. Now you can conceal your projector and screen in the ceiling and bring them down only for watching. It is a discreet solution for the most demanding of you.

projector lifts

  • for minimal ceiling features
  • Home cinema
  • Business interiors
  • The Intelligent Building system


The SPAV 30 lifts ensures comfortable use. It is the only lift with minimum dimensions, just 6 cm. VIZ-ART recommends it for AV integrators, architects, and interior decorators.nstallation TheSPAV 30  lift fits the projector in the narrowest space possible. Easy mounting and precise adjustments enable the projector to be slid out up to 164 cm and ensure the certainty, safety, and comfort of projection.


Mounting the assembly in the smallest space possible can bring a modern feel to stylish and historic interiors as well. Comfortable operation and 100% repeatability of the settings.

projector lifts

projector lifts