LEADER Motion Mount

LEADER Motion Mount

LEADER Motion - Projector MountLEADER Motion Mount

Available models:
● LEADER Motion Mount direct – capacity 10kg, extension 0cm
● LEADER Motion Mount 58-84 – capacity 10kg, extension 58-84cm
● LEADER Motion Mount 76-120 – capacity 10kg, extension 76-120cm

LEADER Motion Mount – card PDF

Motorized motion mount for multimedia projectors. Switchable positions from first to second projection screen. Programmable projection positions.

Advantage: motorized motion mount, ideal for projection on two screens (programmable and RS-232); precise adjustment on all axis. For projectors up to 10 kg.

Functionality: rotation up to 270degree for projection on two screens; ceiling mounted; adjustment on all axis; direct and range adjusted arm, Inside arm hiding cables; powered 230V; capacity 15kg; reliable construction; RAL powder coating.

LEADER Motion - Projector Mount